How to become a DSA?



DSA is a direct selling associate who, with the help of their network, can help us market and spread the word about Unicas and in return we share with them a percentage of the service charge levied on each exchange transaction done through Unicas.

Anyone with a Unicas account who fulfills our eligibility criteria can become a DSA. Eligibility criteria:
a. Should be minimum 18 years of age
b. Should have a verified KYC (valid National ID and pan card)
c. Should stake 5000 (five thousand) CAS tokens in your Unicas account for as long as you’re a DSA with a minimum period of one year.

There’s no limit to your total earnings.
We share with you a certain percentage of your and your team’s service charge from 33% to up to 60% depending upon the total turnover in that month.
We charge 1.5% of your transaction as service charge

The more trading you and your team does, the more you can earn.
Bonus! You can also earn from other DSAs and their connections in your team.
So, keep adding more and more DSAs in your team and increase your earnings.

Unicas reserves all rights to accept, or reject the requests if requirements are not fulfilled.

Please refer to the chart below for the percentage distribution of the incentives.

Total turnover by the team (calculated monthly) Incentive percentage of service charge
Rs. 1 lac to 50 lacs 33%
Rs. 50 lacs to 2 crores 40%
Rs. 2 crores to 5 crores 47%
Rs. 5 crores to 10 crores 53%
Above Rs. 10 crores 60%

If any team member opens our savings account plans with a referral link, then both the DSA and the new user get a bonus amount credited into their Unicas wallets.

If you join in the blue plan, you get a bonus of Rs.150

If you join in the standard plan, you get a bonus of Rs. 200 and your DSA gets credited with a bonus of Rs.90

If you join in the premium plan, you get a bonus of Rs.1000 and your DSA gets credited with a bonus of Rs. 900

You can send the referral link to anyone who doesn’t already have a Unicas account and can pass appropriate KYC requirements. (National ID and Pan-card verification is required).

Absolutely no limit. You can add as many friends and DSAs as you like and potentially increase your earnings/incentives.

All the incentives (calculated in INR after deducting TDS) are added to your Unicas wallet by the end of each month within a period of 7 business days.

All the incentives are calculated on the basis of the total turnover generated by you and your team. If the total turnover is, say, 8 crores, then you will get an incentive (please refer to the incentive percentage table) of 53% of service charge for your individual turnover + incentives through your team.

Team incentives are calculated as following:
1. For all DSAs in your team:
(Your incentive percentage of service charge - Your DSA’s incentive percent of service charge) x (That DSA’s total turnover)

2. For all clients in your team:
(Your incentive percentage of service charge) x (The client’s total turnover)

Note: if you and your Direct DSA fall under the same incentive percentage category, then the incentive gained from them will be 0.
We suggest that you trade more than the DSA in your direct tier to change your percentage slab.

Only when they sign up using your referral link, can they become a part of your team. If they already have an account with us, then no, they can't be a part of your team or help you earn any incentives.

It could be due to the following reasons:
a. Your friend didn't sign up using your referral link.
b. Their KYC has not been updated or still not approved.
c. Your friend made an account with Unicas before the referral link was sent to them. In this case, they can't use your referral link.
d. The total turnover of you and your team is less than Rs. 1 lacs for that month.

The 5000 CAS will be staked (locked) in your account for as long as you’re a DSA with a minimum period of one year. After the one year period, if you choose to not be a DSA anymore, your network will be allotted to Unicas and your staked CAS tokens will be released. All the DSAs in your network would still remain DSAs and enjoy their monthly incentives.

In case of any query or disagreement, kindly contact our support team at [email protected] within 15 days from the day you've received the incentive.

Unicas reserves all rights to make amendments in the DSA model without any prior notice or explanation.

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